Safe Ride Home Sudbury is here
to get you and your vehicle home safe.

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Introducing Safe Ride Home Sudbury

Safe Ride Home Sudbury is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organization, dedicated to the fight against impaired driving. It is a confidential service in which clients are driven home in their own vehicle by a team of volunteers. Donations are gratefully accepted!


Our designated driver service is suspended for the 2021 holiday season.

The safety of our volunteers and clients is paramount during the current pandemic.

With the support of our Community Partners, we will continue our community education initiatives.

Please plan for a designated driver, call someone you know, or take public transportation.

Whatever it takes, Don't Drive Impaired!

Don't Drive Impaired!

Let Safe Ride Home Sudbury drive you and your vehicle home.

Donations Gratefully Accepted!


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Our 20 Year Partnership

“The Greater Sudbury Police Service has worked collaboratively with Safe Ride Home Sudbury and its predecessor for over 20 years, combating impaired driving in Greater Sudbury. Safe Ride Home Sudbury has proven to be one of the best Crime Prevention initiatives in the fight against impaired driving through a robust education and awareness campaign coupled with its volunteer services. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed service-delivery for Safe Ride Home Sudbury, they continue to support our efforts through education and awareness. Road Safety is a Shared Commitment and Crime Prevention starts with you making the responsible choice to plan ahead. The choice to save lives is yours.” - Police Chief Paul Pedersen

How does it Work?

  • You feel unfit to drive.

  • You phone 705.675.CALL (2255) for a safe ride home.

  • A team of 3 volunteers dispatch to your location. Two volunteers drive you to your location of choice safely in your own car, while the other follows behind.

  • Your car is safely parked and the volunteers escort you to the front door.

  • You’re safely Home! Plus, your car is too!

    2019 Campaign By the Numbers

  • 15 Nights


  • 250 Volunteers


  • 1219 Rides


  • 30700 Kilometers


  • Resulting in over 2,042 people arriving home safely!

We rely on the generosity of our community.

To encourage and sustain service such as this, donations are gratefully accepted. We accept donations when you ride with us or email us for more information on how to donate.

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